Cease Placing Toothpaste In Your V*gina. It Does not Make It Tighter


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Dr Olufunmilayo, a well-liked Nigerian medical practitioner has warned women to desist from placing toothpaste inside their vagina to make it tight.

In a Twitter thread shared on his deal with, Olufunmilayo warned in opposition to the apply, stating that it’s dangerous. He went on to enlist among the risks that women will be uncovered to once they interact in such apply.

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“Toothpaste makes vagina tight” NEVER DO IT PLS!!!! Vagina irritation Smelly vagina Irregular vagina discharge Vagina/pelvic infections Problem getting pregnant. NEVER PUT TOOTHPASTE IN VAGINA NEVER PUT TOOTHPASTE IN VAGINA NEVER PUT TOOTHPASTE IN VAGINA.

The issue with unhealthy recommendation is you can by no means inform how far it travels. And extra typically than not- it tends to journey an entire lot additional than good recommendation. And when the harm is all done- Solely the proprietor of the vagina and her family members will probably be there to cope with all of the mess.

Toothpaste is caustic, very poisonous and actually abrasive for a delicate a part of the physique just like the vagina. You place your self on the danger of irritation, irritation, destruction of the conventional organisms that shield your vagina from infections and open up your self to a number of hurt.

As soon as toothpaste destroys the conventional pure organisms that maintain your vagina wholesome, you turn out to be susceptible to infections- which then causes you to have extreme, foul smelling vagina discharge and infections which may harm your tubes (and probabilities of getting pregnant) as a lady.

When you get a horrible infection- particularly repeatedly- for those who don’t study your classes fast and desist- The an infection can wreck your tubes- You’ll be able to later in life discover it troublesome to get pregnant from the blocked tubes- Or for those who get pregnant- it might be in an irregular place.

So ask your self again- Is it price it? To what finish? This complete obsession with “tight vagina” could be very unhealthy and is driving some individuals completely insane. You might want to actually decelerate and cease being desirous to attempt adventurous nonsense concepts that may probably wreck your womb.

I’ve stated it repeatedly- The vagina cleans itself, by itself, in its personal manner, with its personal juices and stays glowing clear – while not having any assist from you. The physique has an environment friendly efficient system for this- and it does it flawlessly. That’s an actual confirmed medical reality.

Issues most instances begin when individuals begin doing all types with their vagina. Pour cleaning soap inside. Wash with vim. Put vagina pearls. Add some spices. Use some okro. Attempt some toothpaste. These wild woke foolish nonsense concepts are among the issues that give a number of ladies issues.

Your vagina is tight sufficient. Your vagina is sweet sufficient. Your vagina is simply excellent. You might be high quality as you’re. Don’t let peer strain and wild on-line claims of sexual surprise magic concepts or vagina merchandise lead you on a journey of wreck and remorse. It’s not price it. Thanks!”


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